Creativity and the Super Geek: A Look at the Amazingly Creative Life of Nikola Tesla


“Geeks stay up all night so that they can disassemble the world and put it back together with new features.”  This is the opening line of a tongue in cheek biography of one of the greatest and least recognized inventors who ever lived: Serbian American, Nikola Tesla.

Behind such inventions as alternating current, X-rays, and radio– all of which were patented by other inventors– was the creative mind and probing spirit of Nikola Tesla, who the author of this article claims to be “the greatest geek who ever lived.”

It appears that Tesla had an incredible imagination, one that was so active that it sometimes derailed his ability to distinguish between what was real and what was not.   I like this article because it gets to a particular type of creative person known as “the geek,” a person with both an incredible imagination mixed with left-brained, science- based know how.

Sadly, Tesla died broke and alone, which for true visionaries is not uncommon.   I am reminded of mind-blowing Spanish Architect, Antoine Gaudi, who was hit by a street car while undoubtedly pondering the infinite details of his unfinished masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, and left to die by the side of the road.

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