Creativity Expert and Architectural Designer Austin Hill Shaw Featured on Video for New Chiropractic Clinic and Wellness Center

Dr.-Matt-Green-Village-Chiropractic-and-Wellness-Center-BNI-EBAR-Austin-Hill-Shaw-Creativity-ExpertHere is an amazing video illustrating creativity and teamwork. Click here to watch the video

An amazing chiropractor and dear friend of mine, Dr. Matt Green is opening his own business, and he asked me and several member of my Berkeley BNI group (Business Network International), known as EBAR (East Bay Abundant Referrals) to help him get the project up and running.

I was the architectural designer on the project. But what is really impressive to me are all the other people involved in making Matt’s dream of owning own business come  true, including a contractor, a life coach, a business broker, a book keeper, and our  group’s videographer, Terry Lamb. This is an amazing example of interdependence in creativity. Moreover, it also give you a little slice of all that goes into manifesting any creative project.

Again check out the video and be sure to check out my wonderful business friends and their services at the EBAR website.

Finally, if you live in the Bay Area, and you need a boost of the creative life force, do yourself a favor and get an adjustment from Dr. Matt Green at the new Village Chiropractic and Wellness Center, scheduled to open in late September, 2012. I always feel more open to creative insight after seeing him.

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