Slivers of Eternity: One Minute Meditations on the Ground of Creativity, #27

In this clip, filmed at Codornices Park in Berkeley, California, the barely perceptible changes of the high cirrus clouds are captured by the relative stability of the treetops in the foreground. Creative insight often has a feeling of ascension.  As such, looking up at the sky and studying its changes, is a great way to spark creative insight.

About The Ground of Creativity Video Series: The creative universe that has given rise to the world as we know it is dynamic, interdependent, and deeply mysterious. In this series of one minute videos, I invite you to slow down and return for a moment to the Ground of Creativity, the Ground of Creativity that supports the world we experience, the Ground of Creativity that is always at play, the Ground of Creativity that has given rise to each and every one of us.

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