Slivers of Eternity: One Minute Meditations on the Ground of Creativity, #28


I love BART. So does my daughter. While most folks are contemplating their destination, the two of us are celebrating the power and Majesty of huge silver trains snaking their way about the Bay Area. The sound, too, I call the celestial conch shell. Even from far away, it echos throughout the cities, our own, mechanical cosmic serpent carrying us toward new and unforeseen experience. Riding BART always sparks my creativity. It allows me to spend time with people I don’t know, ride along free of responsibility, read, or contemplate my latest projects. And when my daughter and I ride it together, she vocally expresses the magic I’m feeling, emerging into the sunshine or delving underground. Thank you BART!

About The Ground of Creativity Video Series: The creative universe that has given rise to the world as we know it is dynamic, interdependent, and deeply mysterious. In this series of one minute videos, I invite you to slow down and return for a moment to the Ground of Creativity, the Ground of Creativity that supports the world we experience, the Ground of Creativity that is always at play, the Ground of Creativity that has given rise to each and every one of us.

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